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Smart Bubbles

Date: May 18th 2012 Genre Marble Popper

Pop the like-colored Smart Balls in this beachy Marble Popper game!

Bird's Town

Date: Feb 19th 2011 Genre Arcade & Action

Build up Birds Town using incredible powerups, gorgeous gems, and more in this incredibly fun Marble Popper game! Set your feathered construction workers on to different tasks and erect bodacious buildings. Avoid the conniving cats that will do everything they can to gobble up your builders! Take on mesmerizing minigames and succeed in Birds Town!

Star Wars

Date: Mar 14th 2009 Genre Marble Popper

Mash invading marbles before they reach your planet in this colorful Marble Popper online game! Work your way through the galaxy, defending defenseless worlds from the villainous marble onslaught. Aim and fire with the mouse. Match three or more like-colored marbles to vaporize them. The galaxy is in your hands!

The Quest

Date: Mar 10th 2009 Genre Marble Popper

Destroy spheres by matching colors of three or more in this dynastic Marble Popper online game! Pilot your brazen ding and blast the invading spheres before they reach the beacon tower. Battle across the enchanting landscapes of feudal China! Can you stop the conquest and protect your towers?

Bubble Cannon

Date: Mar 6th 2009 Genre Arcade & Action

Launch bubbles into the air and burst them with like-colored bubbles in this effervescent online Arcade game! Bump and ricochet bubbles into one another to tick down their counters and bust them before they float onto the spikes below. Control the cannon with the mouse and blast bubbles with a left click. Fill your day with colorful, volatile bubbles in Bubble Cannon!

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